Read This: An Open Letter sent to 14,300 Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors

Dr. Cooper has now retired.

If you have a serious voice problem that you are told cannot be helped,
Dr. Cooper is available for limited phone and skype consultation only.

Phone consultation with Dr. Cooper $300.00/hour

Please email for a consultation.



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Dr. Cooper has a remarkable success ratio reporting thousands of countless cures, recoveries, and improvements of all types of voice disorders. Read: How to Get a Voice That Really Talks for You

What you may have not been told by your medical provider:

  • The New York Times and the Entire Medical Establishment Guarantee no cures for Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD)
  • Dr. Cooper clinically finds Botox ineffective for all too many SD patients. This is backed up by emails, phone calls, and in-office SD patient testimonials.
  • The FDA Orders Warning Labels for Botox

Now the Facts:

If you have been suffering from Strangled Voice or SD and feel there is no hope in sight, you have been mis-informed by the medical community. Dr. Cooper may help you get your voice back through Direct Voice Rehabilitation. You, the patient, are the key to getting out of Spasmodic Dysphonia. The medical community is hiding the truth. Contact Dr. Cooper for a Phone or Skype consultation at (310) 200-7048 to find out how you can finally have your voice back.

Change Your Voice, Change Your Life!
Through Direct Voice Rehabilitation.
Your SD problem is simply a bad voice habit due to the wrong use of your voice, not a neurological problem.
Dr. Cooper can't cure a neurological problem, but he can help to cure your bad voice habit!

FREE DOWNLOAD Curing Hopeless Voices An Alternative to Botox - FDA orders a black box warning label on BOTOX & Rivals "I have encountered SD patients who have had 1, 3, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50  botox shots without getting a normal voice and sometimes losing their voice." Curing the Strangled Voice and other voice problems with Direct Voice Rehabilitation.

FREE DOWNLOAD - One Lone Courageous Doctor Curing Strangled Voices (SD) Spasmodic Dysphonia vs. The Entire Medical Establishment Guaranteeing No Cures - A journey through today’s medical / pharmaceutical complex, which has been using Botox, surgery, and indirect voice or speech therapy to treat SD. Yet in over 135 years since this problem was first diagnosed in 1871 the medical profession continues to guarantee there are no cures for this dreaded condition, also known as “the strangled voice.”


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Dr. Morton Cooper has made an extensive number of appearances in countless national TV and radio programs. Watch his appearances:

Sally Jesse Raphael Part 1
Sally Jesse Raphael Part 2
The Merv Griffin Show
The Regis Philbin Show
Maury Povich
AM Los Angeles
CNN's Take Two
CNN's Election Watch
America Talks
PBS' Late Night America
Hour Magazine
Home Family
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He has been reporting cures of patients who have corrected their troubled voices through his natural therapy, Direct Voice Rehabilitation. Dr. Cooper has over 100 cures, recoveries and improvements of SD by DVR.


"Your techniques work's like a miracle!"
--The Reverend James Johnson, Poplar Grove, IL - Cured of SD over 25 years

“After a miserable respiratory flu brought on two bouts of laryngitis, Dr. Cooper helped me regain my confidence to use my voice with power and range. I am grateful for his sensitive and concerned intervention.”
-- Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Internationally syndicated radio talk show host

"I'm a fan of your work, and I've heard great things about you"
-- Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox Network News

"He added 20 years to my singing voice"
--Jerome Hines

"...Dr. Cooper's techniques changed my whole approach to using my voice. Almost by magic, my voice problems disappeared... Dr. Cooper is the real deal"
--Shadoe Stevens, TV/Radio Personality - Cured of SD for over 20 years

"...Before you think of surgery, think of Dr. Cooper's 'magic' cure; it even astounds the doctors..."
--Gershon Lesser, M.D. - Host of "The Health Connection"

"...of all Voice Disorders, Dr. Cooper's methods seemed essentially quite simple, but they worked ...
-- Henry J. Rubin, M.D. (Retired) - UCLA School of Medicine - Head & Neck Division

"He turned my whole life around."
--Marjorie Whitman, Homemaker - Cured of SD

"Dr. Cooper is terrific. He has done wonders with my voice. Now if he can only do something with the other parts of my body."
--Jan Murray, Comedian

joyner"Dr. Cooper put me on the right track -- for a better voice."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Dr. Cooper is a remarkable voice and speech doctor. As the Director of Adults Stutterers Group in 1957 ,he was able to help cure stuttering according to Dr. Anderson, speech pathology division. His books talk of his many accomplishments. Some patients call Dr. Cooper 'A Miracle Voice and Speech Doctor'. He has treated thousands of voice problems with outstanding successes and has been featured in medical, scientific and academic journals. Dr. Cooper has been in practice for half a century. If you have been told that your voice problem is incurable, contact Dr. Cooper for a voice consultation.